Pediatric Physical Therapy Services

Need help with tummy time? Looking to avoid delays in your child's development? As a board certified clinical specialist, I can help.

Group Classes

I offer hands-on workshops that provide step-by-step tummy time instruction for small groups of new parents. Email me to schedule a session for your family and friends. Please note, classes are limited to the metropolitan New York City area.


For families living in Manhattan, I offer in-home consultations tailored to your child's needs. I am able to provide everything from expert guidance on tummy time to treatments for more complex issues like torticollis, flat head syndrome and other diagnoses. Please contact me to schedule an appointment.

Tummy Time Essentials

Just how important is tummy time? Very. As a mom, I understand how easy it is to become overwhelmed or fearful during the first few months of a child’s life. But as a pediatric physical therapist, I’ve seen the harm babies can suffer when they don’t get enough time on their tummies. Read more...

What people think of Robin Winn

I first met Robin five years ago when she treated my son for torticollis. She is fantastic to work with, excellent with children and extremely patient and thorough when teaching parents PT exercises. She is now working with my twin 9 month old daughters who have responded quickly to Robin’s treatment. She is a pleasure to work with and it’s wonderful to see how much all of my children have benefited from working with her.

Robin Winn Testimonial

My son has hemophilia with both acute and chronic issues resulting from internal bleeding into his joints and muscles. Robin is the best physical therapist we have encountered. She is incredibly learned, experienced and has a brilliant intuitive sense of how to work with my son. She knows just how to engage and motivate him.

Robin Winn

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Tummy time tips from Robin Winn, PT

It’s never too early: Robin Winn introducing her five day old son to tummy time

Robin Winn is the Head Physical Therapist at Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital of New York-Presbyterian and a Clinical Instructor in physical therapy at Columbia University. She is a board certified clinical specialist in pediatrics and has nearly 20 years of experience working with newborns, infants and their families. To a view a complete CV, please click here.

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